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Welcome to Lotus Tree Living, I'm Susan Amanda!

A Bihar style Yoga and yoga Nidra, progressive relaxation teacher, I live on the beautiful Isle Of Wight.

Having started my yoga journey later in life, it's been a joy to discover the changes using  yoga within my daily practice has made. It has brought about a deeper aspect of self reflection, self acceptance and self confidence, and brings more balance and fluidity in my body and mind.

Practising yoga can give you the tools to help find a deeper understanding of yourself through movement, meditation and relaxation. Yoga has many benefits , focus, positivity, improved respiration, physical and mental balance, helping you cope with the challenges of modern life and enhance your day to day living!

By introducing Essential oils into my Yoga classes and workshops through diffusing in the yoga spaces and sharing the oils with  and yoga students, it has created a beautiful atmosphere wherever I teach, making the space unique and inviting! 


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