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What is a LotusTree Living Ritual Jar?

I am truly grateful to you for choosing LotusTree Living Ritual Jar. Each Jar is unique, and I lovingly choose each of the crystal pieces, hand picking, cleansing and blessing all that makes the jars so special.


Below are details on how you can use the rituals. These are guidelines... please use them as you feel most comfortable, quietly in reflection, or contemplation if you wish!


Gaze and enjoy the magical natural beauty. Everything in your jar can be used from the salt in the bottom which you can use around the house or in your bath (keep the salt away from your eyes!). You can place your crystals around your home or leave them in your jar!


The Sage and Palo Santo are ethically sourced. I hand-pick most of my crystals from a local supplier. I try to use recycled jars as much as possible. If you have chosen a jar with essential oils, I only use doTERRA, beyond organic, ethically sourced and so much more!


All my products are cruelty-free!


Love & Light!


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Blessings for yourself

In this smoke, I cleanse myself fully

I release all negativity

Cleanse my heart from fear, worry, anger and blame

I am divinely protected and deeply loved

Filled with peace and confidence

A guide to using your LTL ritual Jar

1. Give yourself time to read through first!

2. I tend to open my windows before I start and play some beautiful music (try Deva Premal!)

3. Depending on what your jar contains, choose one or the other; Palo Santo or sage sticks.

4. Light the candle. You can always recite the blessing at this point - do what feels best for you!

5. Place the tip of the Palo Santo stick in the shell or something bigger.

6. Place the white sage in a bigger receptacle, with earth or sand for when putting it out.

7. Place the tip in the candle flame to light. Rotate at a 45-degree angle for at least 1 minute. Longer for the sage until orange embers then blow out, watching the smoke begin to spiral and flow.

8. Recite, if you wish, the blessings, your intentions or for the space which you are cleansing or bringing in energy replenishment if you haven’t done it already!

9. Move and waft around with a feather, if you wish, or allow the smoke to flow around you!

10. You can also cleanse your crystals at the same time by placing them around you or in the room!

11. It's said that the sage and Palo Santo will go out when it has done what it needs! Please do not leave it unattended.

I put my sage out, by smothering it in sand or earth. Keep out of the reach of pets and children and flammable material!

12. ​When you are finished, allow yourself time to enjoy the serene, peaceful energy of your special space within your environment!

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo, Spanish for holy stick, dates back to the Incan empire. It is long used for spiritual cleansing and energy replenishment by native Shamans and medicine people of South America. This sweet wood will bring creativity in abundance!

What is White Sage?

Californian white sage smoke has the charge to ward off negative energy from a person, place, or object. The smoke from this sacred plant attaches to the negative energy and carries it away - leaving positive energy free of chaos, It attracts blessings and can heighten our spiritual awareness! (Excerpts from Sarimoire) 

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